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Stellar Crisis v3.2 - Software Release Notes
Andy Graves - 28/2/2000

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At the date of release of v3.2 (March 4th 2000) there are five public servers running v3 or related code:
  • Lugdunum and the Olympic Competition server - v3.01.5d.
  • Stargate running v3.01.11.
  • The Olympic Training server, running v3.01.25-beta - the immediate precursor to v3.2.0.
  • Chamber Conflict running a cosmetically modified version that appears in all essentials to be v3.01.10.
v3.01.5 has been running at Lugdunum for a year or more. Players who are accustomed to Lugdunum and want to understand the implications of the upgrade to v3.2 should read both Changes between v3.01.5 and v3.01.11 and Changes since v3.01.11.

v3.01.11 has been running at Stargate for about 6 months, so players familiar with Stargate need only read Changes since v3.01.11.

Players who have used the Olympic Training server recently will find that any differences between the code running there and the v3.2.0 release are purely cosmetic.

A few of the changes introduced between v3.01.5 and v3.2 were fixes for bugs whose continued presence was considered to be seriously impeding fair play at Lugdunum, so those fixes were also retrofitted in isolation to the v3.01.5 code:

  • v3.01.5a - Prevented use of the '%' planet- and ship-naming cheat.
  • v3.01.5b - Cured the problem whereby more players could ally than was specified in the series configuration.
  • v3.01.5c - Cured the bug which allowed players to develop more technologies than was permitted by their tech level.
  • v3.01.5d - Fixed the bug by which games occasionally ended prematurely, when one empire was allied with all the others.

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